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Still photography by Universal Sky Pictures:

In these days of digital cameras it is far easier for the gifted amateur to take photographs of the rooms within their accommodation. If the amateur takes 100 photos of a room surely 1 of them has got to be useable! The other 99 can be deleted without cost.

We, or the webmaster you use, can enhance the photo still further using computer programmes. However we “can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" and you may want to engage a professional photographer. This is where we come in. We can send you a professional photographer.

To take the best inside photos you need a wide angle lens. The following shows the same scene taken with 5 differently sized lenses and the amount captured by the widest, no 1, compared with the narrowest, no 5!

  1. Peleng (fisheye) F = 8 mm
  2. Zenitar (fisheye) F = 16 mm
  3. Sigma 24-70 F = 24 mm
  4. Sigma 24-70 F = 70 mm
  5. Soligor 70-210 F = 210 mm

Our man will take the still photos of the inside of your premises with his wide angle lens camera. Then he will set up his equipment to take the 360º photo for your virtual tour movie.