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Universal Sky Pictures

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is a proverb attributed to something Fred R. Barnard wrote in 1927 in the advertising trade journal Printers' Ink. It is truer than ever 90 years later in this technological age.

Good images enhance a website. In the case of a website promoting accommodation, the viewer can see clearly from the photos to what he/she is being invited. We are often told that the photographs say more about a place than the number of stars rating or by reading lots of words.

Images and photos help break up the text thereby making it easier and more attractive to read. Web surfers are often in a hurry and photos give them the information they seek more quickly.

In the coding of the website we tell the search engines what the photos and images are about. This gives us an opportunity to add extra keywords which might be otherwise difficult to put into the text without confusing the reader.

Our package includes three types of photography:

  1. Still photography
  2. Virtual Tours
  3. High Mast (aerial) photography

When you call out our associate Universal Sky Pictures you get all three for your call out fee !!

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