Internet services

for B&Bs, hotels, guest houses, inns,
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Take online reservations and payments

A potential guest surfing from Australia has found your website and wants to book in. He finds your phone number but does not ring because he knows you're asleep. Though he finds your email address he does not write, knowing from past experience most accommodation-providers don't check their emails. He carries on surfing a bit longer and finds another establishment near you which has an online reservation and payment facility and books in there. Job done!

THOR online reservations and payments system will increase your turnover for these reasons:

  • Easier for people contacting you from different time zones
  • Cut out those missed phone calls because you were too slow to get to the phone
  • People stop surfing when they've made their arrangements
  • An online reservations system is a call to action
  • More people are making their purchases of all products online
  • It makes you look more professional

Choose THOR for your solution because

  • It integrates fully into your website and does not take your customer to a third party site where you may or may not get the booking
  • It's commission-free
  • It's inexpensive
  • It's flexible
  • You remain in control of all booking requests
  • It's easy to set up

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