Internet services

for B&Bs, hotels, guest houses, inns,
self catering apartments & holiday cottages

"Designer" websites by

Historically, websites floated by Internet Results Ltd were good and functional. They did "what was said on the tin":

  • At the top of Google & Yahoo! searches bringing lots of business
  • Good, clear and easy-to-follow navigation
  • HTML and CSS code validated
  • Availability display functionality
  • "Whistles and bells" including facilities icons, Google Maps

Then we formed an association with who bring design and artistic flair to the business of making websites. Now we all do what we're good at:

  • Site-Designers makes pretty websites which are search engine optimised, designed to the customer's wishes and are nevertheless inexpensive, then
  • Internet Results runs with the baton, puts the new sites in with the family of websites already working and makes the new ones work too.

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