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for B&Bs, hotels, guest houses, inns,
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Bed Posts - Your chewing gum won't lose its flavour on these ones.

Our mission statement says that Internet Results Ltd is committed to the idea of helping to foster a climate of co-operation between independent serviced accommodation providers for mutual benefit, particularly through the medium of the Internet. One such way is our sponsorship of an internet forum, provided free of charge to all bona fide independent accommodation providers, in which they exchange ideas, help and information. And they do! To-date there have been over 10,000 message posts which have had around 400,000 page views. So you’ve a lot of reading to catch up on!

The topics may be designed to:

  • Impart information
  • Express a view
  • Get help/advice from members
  • Tell a joke or funny story

National and Local Notice Boards

All members around UK have access to the national message boards described above. Additionally each member is subscribed to one (sometimes more) local message board for discussion of issues pertinent to a particular town or locality only.

Other Benefits

When people of like-minds get together, often other benefits ensue which were not originally envisaged. Several such benefits have arisen including:

  • Staying at members’ establishments at discounted rates
  • Passing on leads for business which cannot be accommodated
  • Sale of surplus items of equipment
  • 6-months free membership of Availability System donated by the sponsor

Open Pages

There is much on the open pages of Bed Posts for all to enjoy whether you are an accommodation-provider, lawyer, B&B customer or a member of the general public:

  • Carol Starkey thinks “Law Matters” – a legal blog
  • Joy of B&B – a soap opera about the trials and tribulations of a mythical B&B owner
  • Jokes and funny stories from owners of serviced accommodation
  • Find accommodation and special deals offered by members

Closed Pages

This is the inner sanctum of members for which a username and password is required to gain entry. The criterion for joining is that you are a manager or owner of independent serviced accommodation such an hotel, B&B, guest house, inn or holiday cottage.